ProfIT Labs Ltd - Custom software development company

ProfIT Labs Ltd. is a custom software development company, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We specialize in delivering high quality custom built software solutions and in setting up dedicated software development teams for outsourced project/tasks (ODC) on contract and/or subcontract basis to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB). Our competencies also lie in product development, software maintenance and support, and independent software testing with a local project management team. (More in Our Services)

Started as an IT contractor in providing development services to leading Russian IT-vendors, we have gained valuable experience in every aspect of software development business therefore becoming a mature and skillful software development services provider.

We offer our Software Programming services in the ODC form as an alternative to the increasing IT hiring requirements of companies. With state-of-the-art software development centers (ODC/R&D), ProfIT Labs Ltd. uses a global offshore software delivery model that combines the technical expertise of Russian programmers with proven project management business oriented approach of PMI institution.

Having set up the ODC in the country (Severodvinsk and Arkhangelsk, Russia) we are able to offer our services to the clients at reasonable prices yet maintaining the same high rank of the quality of the Russian programming.

Hence, we provide IT-Consulting and software development services helping our customers to receive high quality deliverables and reduce their development costs.

Our Value Equation

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