Software Quality Audit

Our Software Quality Audit Technical system is designed to assess the overall quality of a software application or a software product: our consultants take an in-depth look at your application, document and measure the contents on a number of parameters to have your application or system evaluated that will allow you to make well-versed decisions on whether and where it needs to be improved or enhanced.

Software Quality Audit procedure

ProfIT Labs Ltd. Software Quality Audit procedure consists of 2 sections: a technical review and a business review. These reviews provide results that targeted at a different perspective — technical and business.

The Technical Review includes the following parameters:

  • Architecture
  • User Interface
  • Application Code
  • Security
  • Database

And the Business Review includes these five parameters:

  • Quality
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Maintainability

Our Software Quality Audits are conducted by our professionals that are external to, and independent of, the software development organization(s) – our clients - that we perform our reviews for and we examine software applications and products by the abovementioned parameters to provide our clients with the comprehensive reports on the software they have developed or the software that has been developed by other company.