Our main technologies that we have gained our hands-on expertise on lie in the realm of

Microsoft .Net Java

ProfIT Labs Ltd. is a Microsoft Certified Partner and we leverage the Microsoft platform and Visual Studio for distributed applications initiatives to deliver tremendous expertise to our customers on that platform. It includes web services, web sites, desktop applications, various application servers.

We feel that the Microsoft platform represents one of the greatest overall value propositions to our clients.

Our senior specialists have 7+ years of experience delivering the following types of Custom Development initiatives:

  • Windows Applications
  • Web Applications
  • SharePoint Portals
  • CMS
  • Customer Relationship Management systems

Our IT-Consulting professionals have proven to assist companies in various fields of Java development.

We are proficient in business analysis, systems architecture, development, quality assurance and deployment of Swing, SWT (Eclipse platform) and web based solutions.

We do custom Java developments tailored up to client’s needs as well as support production of Java-based systems developed by other companies, as well as Java performance audit and tuning. Engage us to optimize your Java applications, eliminate performance bottlenecks, reduce startup time and memory consumption (including Java application troubleshooting).

Whether you are facing an intermittent bug, performance degradation, or memory leak, we have the expertise and tools necessary to diagnose, isolate and fix the problem.