Company Data art
Country USA
Nature of business Software and product development.
Site www.dataart.com
Contact Mikhail Zavileysky, COO
Phone +7 812 333 44 40

We’re working with ProfIT Labs Ltd. since 2004 and totally satisfied with professionalism of their developers, high standards of project management, excellent quality and customer service they have shown in every project development we have outsourced to them.

Mikhail Zavileysky, COO, DataArt.
Company Medrecordsalert
Country USA
Nature of business Patient, doctor and physician’s solution products, provides physicians and consumers with systems to collect, digitize, store and distribute essential medical information, connecting physicians with their patients, etc.
Site www.medrecordsalert.com
Contact Aaron Wachspress, CEO
Phone +1 516 471 19 16

For an implementation of our project in development of a set of information systems (in medicine field), we have hired ProfIT Labs Ltd. and had not regretted since, for the whole course of the project had assured us we’ve backed the right horse.

In spite of complexity of the project, professionals at ProfIT Labs Ltd. had confirmed their competence in performing such work and proved to be a reliable partner. They are totally committed to what they promise which gives me total confidence in overall project results.

Aaron Wachspress, CEO, BML MedRecords Alert.
Company Gl trade
Country France
Nature of business

GL Trade delivers multi asset front to back integrated solutions servicing the international financial industry. The company provides the financial community with Trading & Order Management Software, a proprietary Network, Market Data and a range of Services. We have solutions to cover the entire order flow, from Buy side order sending to post-trade settlement.

GL Trade has over 1000 in staff and located in 26 offices on five continents; has over 3500 clients including 500 major international financial institutions.

Site www.gltrade.com
Contact Andrey Dzubandovsky, Managing Director
Phone +7 495 721 19 60

Back in 2007 we went out to tender for our needs to various software development houses and selected ProfIT Labs Ltd. as they specialize in our industry and understand our business just perfectly. Their experience in insurance, banking and financial services solutions just strengthened over the years which saves us a lot of time and efforts and one of the most impressive things about ProfIT Labs is their communication and collaboration in every piece of the projects.

They are truly customer oriented and, moreover, they look beyond their assigned tasks and give valuable advices for our long term development needs.

Andrey Dzubandovsky, Managing Director, GL Trade AG – Moscow branch.
Company Astra software
Country Russia
Nature of business IT solutions and software development
Site www.astra-sw.com
Contact Sergey Zhikharev, CEO
Phone +7 812 336 50 37

We always take seriously a selection of a subcontractor for our projects, literally a partner, as it is important not only to gain instant profitability but also to lead a long-term relationship with your partner that is mutually lucrative.

That’s why we work with ours – ProfIT Labs Ltd.

There is always a known risk in the beginning of any relationship, and right from the start ProfIT Labs Ltd. had asserted us in their professional way of handling offshore software development business. Right off our request, they have immediately responded to our client’s needs and were willing to work on-site for 3 weeks in their [client’s] office in Finland with excellent results.

This way our client could familiarize itself with ProfIT Labs Ltd. System Architect and 2 Senior Developers that will be working on the project to see their compatibility and mindset that should be in synch in achieving client’s goals in the project. Their work in Finland was to develop architecture of the application and build a system prototype and they have managed these two vital tasks successfully and up to our and client’s expectations.

After completion of the first stage of the project we have outsourced other tasks to ProfIT Labs Ltd, pertaining to this development, and we had not experienced any delays with stages timeframe and overall project scope; every task was completed as defined in project plan, thus the whole work was done within time and budget, and we are certain in choosing ProfIT Labs Ltd., as a subcontractor, for our next projects.

Sergey Zhikharev, CEO, Astra Software.